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Insect Meal and Oil as Sustainable Ingredients for Aquaculture

Nowadays, protein sources such as soybeans are indeed necessary for the sustainability of living things, one of which is in the field of aquaculture. There are many benefits offered by soybeans, namely nutrients and amino acids that are beneficial, widely available, easily digestible, economically, and able to compete in the market.

However, the continuous use of soybeans can cause negative impacts in various aspects.

"The negative impacts obtained if we continue to use soybeans are a decrease in growth performance, a decline in feed efficiency, and the occurrence of histomorphological changes in the distal intestine in several fish species," Dr. Romi Novriadi, M.Sc the Polytechnic of Fisheries Business Experts, Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

Dr. Romi Novriadi explained the need for alternative protein sources to ensure the sustainability of aquaculture production and insects can be the answer.

"The black soldier fly insect has several advantages in nutritional value and amino acid composition. The protein produced by black soldier fly insects can meet the requirements of animals for good growth and improve health," he said.

PT Biocycle Indo is one of the companies engaged in the insect industry and utilizes black soldier fly flies as a sustainable raw material to meet the protein need of animals.

Biocycle produces two superior products, Insect Meal and Insect Oil which can be used as supplements to increase the growth of animals, such as dogs, cats, fish, shrimp, birds, and chickens.

"In the field of aquaculture, Insect Meal and Oil provide advantages, namely increasing growth and nutrition, increasing conversion, and improving health," he explained.

Insect Meal and Insect Oil products are exported to several countries, such as Canada, England, America, the Netherlands, Japan, and Taiwan.

"Insect Meal and Insect Oil produced by our company use palm kernel meal so that protein safety and cleanliness are better maintained," Budi Tanaka, CEO of PT Biocycle Indo.


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