Insect Education

In the present time, the food demands keep to increase while the availability of land production is also increasing. To fulfill protein needs, we need sustainable protein source that available in Indonesia. One of the sustainable functional ingredient sources that can be used is the “Black Soldier Fly”.

Black Soldier Fly included as a variety of flies, which known as Hermetia illucens in Latin. The Black Soldier Fly can be found in both tropical and sub-tropical areas between latitudes 40° S and 45° N. Unlike the other flies, Black Soldier Fly has a high sensitivity level to various disease vectors which has its own benefits for human life.

The Black Soldier Fly's development cycle was not long like the others, but on the contrary there are many complete nutrients contained in its body. Generally, the Black Soldier Fly life cycle from egg to adult lasts about 40-43 days, and the best phase to produce complete protein and amino acids is when the larvae reach 14-16 days. In addition, a normal female fly is able to produce eggs until 185 to 1,235 eggs.

Female flies will keep their eggs near food sources such as organic waste, chunks of poultry or livestock manure, waste of palm kernel (BIS). The purpose of the process carried out by female flies is to make it easier for the hatching larvae to get food naturally. The source of feed and growing media of maggot will certainly affect the maggot quality.

Maggot that uses waste of palm kernel as the growth medium will produce higher quality maggot when compared with the maggot that used organic waste. The laboratory test result showed that the nutrition of maggot which used waste of palm kernel as the medium will be more stable, this is because the maggot has higher protein and fat, and also save from salmonella e coli bacteria. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best feed in order to produce the best maggot nutrition quality.