Our company take actions on Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better sustainable future for all. The SDGs we implement are number 2, 8, 9, and 12. 

Zero Hunger, one in many problems of developing countries is lack of high protein food. Not simply that, hunger level also become one in many problems that is continuously until now. We commit to solve this challenge through providing high protein source and assure sustainable production system 

Decent work and Economy Growth, with generous of Indonesia‚Äôs natural resource, we must preserve its natural wealth. To process well natural resource will create positive impacts to human life, including to escalate global economy and creating new work field.  We also implement Corporate Social Responsibility to help the economic growth of local communities, ensure the safety of every worker, improve quality of lifestyle, and help agriculture globally. 

Industry, Inovations, and Infrastructure, currently the development of technology is growing rapidly. The technology that develops will certainly affect the work system and the way of production. We believe, through the development of a quality, sustainable and durable infrastructure, we can provide new innovations through the products provided. 

Responsible Consumption and Production, The human population is increasing every year. It is certain, this will affect the increase in food demand and a decrease in the availability of production land. Ironically, this impact also affects other living things. Today, we all need sustainable protein that can meet the needs of living things. We produce functional ingredient sources based on single feed (free of waste), that is natural raw materials whose availability is sustainable in Indonesia.