Inspired by Nature

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Inspired by Nature

Biocycle is a company that engages in industrial insects that was established since 2018. Our main focus is to produce dried Black Soldier Fly larvae, which are believed capable to be the functional sustainable ingredients source in the world. Moreover, we also develop insects as a feed in many sectors, such as; aqua, agriculture, animal husbandry, and pets. Being the world's largest insect producer is our main vision. Not only the largest but, we will also be the best in the Black Soldier Fly industry. We have a mission to build the insect industry equal with others, by discovering the product advantages, collaborating with other industries through research with universities or other business sectors. Trust is Biocycle's fundamental word. In our opinion, maintaining trust with the investors, customers, internal and external partners is a must that should be protected until the end. We keep striving to provide the best quality, both in products or services to maintain that trust.
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Established since 2018

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We have a team of professionals,

Jonathan Koppert


Budi Tanaka


Jesse Willems

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Why Choose Us

Choose us because we meet standards with verification. We support sustainable raw material traceability from Indonesia. Additionally, we offer exclusive products resulting from research and experimentation. We are the best choice for your raw material needs.



We have successfully implemented the ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP. The ISO and HACCP that we apply have fulfilled the standard of other companies in the same industry.



We produce functional ingredient sources based on a “single feed” system by using palm kernel meal, which comes from natural raw material with sustainable availability in Indonesia



We offer exclusive products that are not available on the market. We produce a product based on the results of the research through errors and experiments

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